Tuesday Tip: Gone wild for toners!

Our industry has gone wild for toners. Unfortunately, most toners fade or go off tone within a week.

Tuesday Tips from Tom Dispenza of Chromastics

Here are 5 new pastel toner shades you can mix from your existing chromastics colors that are long lasting and won’t go off tone. Each of these was applied to hair that was lightened to pale yellow and processed for 20 minutes.

  • #1 Carrot: 60g D8ro + 6g Red Concentrate + 60g 10-volume developer
  • #2 Lilac: 8g D8BV + 6g D4RV + 40g Clear + 54g 10-volume developer
  • #3 Champagne: 16g D10GB + 4g D10BV _40g Clear +60g 10-volume developer
  • #4 Peach: 8g D8GB + 8g D8RO + 40g Clear + 56g 10-volume developer
  • #5 Blueberry: 60g D8BV + 4g Blue Concentrate
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