Tuesday Tip: Lightening and brightening a formula using XL-Cream

Every once in awhile a client will tell me they like their color but wish I would make it just a little lighter.

When I want to make a color formula a little lighter I add XL-Cream. It doesn’t change the tone of the color, it just makes it a lighter.

Following are 2 examples, one using 4G permanent and the second using 2RO permanent.

The first photo shows the color full strength, the second shows the color diluted with 15g of XC-Cream and the third photo shows the color diluted with equal parts of XL-Cream.

Starting points

Each photo shows the color on both natural white hair and on light brown hair with 50% gray.

All the swatches were processed with 20-volume developer and timed for 35 minutes.

If you haven’t tried Chromastics yet, give us a call. It’s the most versatile color you’ll ever work with.

Give me a call if you have questions.

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