Taking blonde from bland to an extraordinary red head

There’s an art to making high-impact eyes stand out.  If a red palette sounds limiting because of the season, think again.  My vision for Nicole was a grunge-inspired cranberry, the shade has never seemed so appealing to her barely-there eye color, creating a brilliant baby blue gaze.

Reds can be easily achieved when a shade is customized to accentuate your client’s best features.  For this client I revolved my formulation around her skin tone and most of all, her eye color.  The shade has to make the client glow from within.

To determine if your client can achieve such a drastic change such as red, evaluate the skin tone and decide if she has warm or cool undertones. A great way to test your thoughts is to hold a piece of white paper up to the client’s face. If the skin coloring appears to be pink, she’s a cool tone. If it appears yellow or olive, she’s a warm tone. This is the best way to formulate the perfect shade of red.


Formula & Instructions:
  1. 60 grams 2RO + 60 grams 2RV + 40 grams XL Cream + 120 grams 20 Volume Developer
  2. Processed for 30 minutes
  3. Towel dried after shampooing and applied a demi glaze of 90 grams 4RO + equal parts 10 Volume Developer
  4. Processed for 20 minutes