Tuesday Tip: SuperGlaze for Salt & Pepper Hair

I like to use SuperGlaze formulas on salt & pepper hair to get more of a blend instead of solid coverage. A SuperGlaze also allows me to use a much lighter shade than I normally would without creating brassiness.

You create a SuperGlaze by mixing equal parts of permanent and Deposit-Only with 20-volume developer. It’s processed from 20 to 30 minutes.

superglaze1This first photo shows the hair before it was colored. I started with both all white hair and 50/50 light brown and white.
Photo 2 shows both swatches treated with permanent 8N and 20-volume developer and processed for 35 minutes.
Photo 3 shows an 8N + D8N SuperGlaze
Photo 4 shows an 8N + D8RO Superglaze, the white hair becomes lightest natural strawberry
Photo 5 Shows an 8N + D8BV SuperGlaze, the white hair becomes pink gray (not recommended)
Photo 6 shows an 8N + D8GB SuperGlaze, the white hair becomes nutmeg

Photo 7 shows an 8N + D8G SuperGlaze, the white hair becomes light golden neutral

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