Chromastics Sample Kit

The Sample Kit Offer is:

You can choose any 10 shades of Chromastics you wish to try. The 10 shades that you choose could be either Permanent Color or Deposit-Only Color, or you can mix them up. Remember the line is designed so that it is completely compatible. You can intermix Permanent and Deposit-Only colors and create a hybrid type of color. Plus, you will get 2 developers. The sample kit including everything described above, normally sells for $99.50
BUT, for my friends ONLY:

You can now get the complete sample kit for 50% OFF…
Making it Only $50.00 plus $9.50 shipping/handling

Use the form below to indicate which Chromastics products you would like to receive.

  • The deal contains:

    • 10 color products of your choice
    • 1 developer of your choice
    • Leave-in conditioner
    • Clarifying shampoo

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