Xtra Lightening Cream is a versatile product that lightens hair without adding tone.
When mixed properly and applied to the hair it contains 1.6% ammonia.
It is mixed with equal parts of any chromastics developer.
To create Level 11 Extra-Lightening Blondes:
Mix 60g of XL-Cream with 60g of 40-volume developer. Add 7g of any level 6 color.
The level 6 color is diluted to level 11 when added to the mixture.


XL-Super creates more lightening than XL-Cream without moving up to powder lightener.
It is designed to be mixed with an equal amount of 40-volume and will lift 2 levels higher than XL-Cream but still provide all the benefits of hydrolyzed wheat and soy protein.
When mixed properly and applied to the hair it contains 3.0% ammonia.
It can be intermixed with any shade of Chromastics permanent color
To create Level 12 Highest-Lifting Blondes, mix:
60g of XL-Super + 60g of 40-volume developer + 7g of any level 6 color.
For more deposit use 7g of any level 4 color.


Xtra Lightening Powder is an Off-the-Scalp lightener that can be mixed with any Chromastics developer.
For each scoop of powder add an equal amount of Chromastics developer.
Add a small amount of extra developer to create thinner consistency.
Do NOT add more than 7g of extra developer for every 60g of XL-Powder.
This product is designed to function best when mixed to a thicker cream. (similar to toothpaste) Increasing the amount of developer creates a thinner product and cause swelling.