Tuesday Tip: How Red is 2RO?

Most colorists don’t realize how strong chromastics 2RO is.

Probably because most color lines don’t have an RO darker than 3RO or 4RO.

The photo shows swatch:

  1. Full strength 2RO
  2. 2RO diluted with 5 parts of clear to 1 part of 2RO
  3. 2RO diluted with 10 parts of clear to 1 part of 2RO

All of the swatches show a lot of red color.

This means you can increase the wearability of a Red-Orange formula by adding:

  • 1g of 2RO to level 10 formulas
  • 2g of 2RO to level 8 formulas
  • 3g of 2RO to level 6 formulas
  • 4g of 2RO to level 4 formulas

I hope you find this information helpful.

How Red is 2RO

If you haven’t tried Chromastics yet, give us a call. It’s the most versatile color you’ll ever work with.

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