chromastics educators

Meet the official educators of chromastics!

These people are what make chromastics a real success. They are real people, real chromastics colorists, and real artists who are serious about doing great work for their clients. They also want to help you. They are offering advice, photos and formulas on how they get great results for their clients. You can learn more about the chromastics educators, as well as access their educational content below.

Caitlin Madden

Caitlin Maddan

As Vice President of Education for Carabito Corporation, respected educator, and a chromastics Master Colorist, Caitlin Maddan quickly rose to the ranks of a proficient and professional educator by demonstrating her skill and expertise as a colorist at prestigious salons in Boston, and throughout New England. She is becoming known in this industry as a “rising star” with talent and enthusiasm. She is a sought after educator for the ABCH Energizing Summit and travels around the country to work closely with salon owners and hairstylists. Her love for sharing knowledge has become her top priority, and when not traveling still works behind the chair six days a week.
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Ginger Huff - Master Hair Colorist with chromastics

Ginger Huff

Owner of Salon Fusion Health and Wellness Spa in Bonaire, Georgia, is driven by passion and creativity. Ginger strives to help others succeed through her desire to educate. She is experienced with face flattering haircuts and the ability to tame resistant grey hair while creating amazing results from the racy reds to the boldest blondes. She has used the ‘chromastics 25 Foil Technique’ to customize her hair designs with simple hair color that will artistically accentuate her client’s best features and lifestyle needs.
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Yolanda Recinos

Yolanda Recinos

Certified Master Colorist & National Bilingual Educator for Chromastics.
During my 15 years in the hair industry my passion has been hair color. Training under “hair color guru Tom Dispenza” over the past 12 years, has allowed me to travel throughout the country teaching the art of Hair color in both English and Spanish. When I’m not traveling, I am behind the chair striving to fulfill my client’s needs. My goal is to make every single client that walks out of the salon feel like a million bucks! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your client’s face lit-up with satisfaction. I’m always making sure to stay on top of the latest hair trends and color. Education and continuing to expand and share my knowledge is important to me.
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