Chromastics Techniques Video Library

To all of my fellow colorists, I’ve started a new DVD library.
The library contains videos that demonstrate techniques for getting great hair color results.
There will be a new DVD available approximately every 6 weeks.

Videos in Series:

    • Highlighting Techniques and Patterns
    • Autumn Ombre
    • High-Lift Brunettes (coming soon)
    • Everything Red (coming soon)
    • Basics of Highlighting (coming soon)

All videos are in high-resolution format for clarity of viewing.

Each video is yours for only $10.00/each including shipping.

DVD 1: Highlighting Techniques and Patterns

The first DVD is a combination of highlighting, low-lighting and corrective techniques.
Contains step-by-step instructions for a blonde, a red head and a brunette. They are everyday usable techniques with formula.

DVD 2: Autumn Ombre

Our second DVD is called Autumn Ombre and shows step by step how to create beautiful Ombre highlights.
This one uses fall colors, Red-Orange, Red-Violet and Gold to mimic the autumn leaves.
Enjoy the DVD and use it to create your version of Ombre Highlights.chromastics ombre before after