Blue Concentrate

Introducing: Blue Concentrate from Chromastics!

That’s right. Chromastics now has Blue Concentrate.

Blue Concentrate from Chromastics

Here are some of the facts:

  • Blue is 100 oxidative in a Deposit Only base.
  • It can be added to both the permanent shades and the deposit only shades.
  • Blue Concentrate is used in the same proportions as Neutral, Green, Gold and Red Concentrates.
  • Blue Concentrate can be added to any Neutral shade to create smoky blondes or smoky brunettes.
  • When adding 15 grams (½ ounce) or less of Blue Concentrate to a formula, do not add extra developer.
  • Blue Concentrate can be diluted with Clear Deposit Only or it can be mixed with XL Cream or XL Super.
  • Blue Concentrate mixed with equal amounts of 10 volume developer and applied to white hair or hair lightened to lightest yellow results in a deep, brilliant blue.
  • Blue Concentrate can be dilutedwith Clear to create powder blue.
  • Blue Concentrate mixed with Red Concentrate creates Purple.
  • For brighter Purple use more Red than Blue.
  • For cooler Purple use more Blue than Red

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We also updated our Manual. Be sure to download the newest version today!