Allover Blonde using chromastics Lightening CREAM!

Spring is in the air! Our clients are coming in to get a pick me up on whatever color they’ve been wearing through the winter season. Let’s face it, we are using more lightener than ever before. BUT, you don’t always have to reach for powder lightener. Imagine working with a lightening CREAM, that has a perfect consistency, and a reliable amount of ammonia to achieve lift! This is completely possible with the use of chromastics XL-Cream and XL-Super. With the XL-Cream you can have up to two levels of lift, and the XL-Super allows up to four levels of lift.

On this particular client, we wanted to have an allover blonde. I used a 3:1 ratio of XL-Super,10N, and 25 volume developer. Hair color looks most natural with some dimensional pieces to help move throughout the interior. For our dimension, I selected XL-Cream and 20 volume, and a “deeper” color of 8N with Green concentrate. The Green Concentrate in the correct amount leaves the lowlight cool and subtle.

I also added a cap full of the liquid clear to each formulation to help achieve as much protein and keeping integrity while lifting. REMINDER: The clear contains all five proteins (silk, soy, wheat, rice, and keratin)!

Allover Blonde using chromastics lightening cream

I love my powder lightener, but to have the creative flexibility while using the creamy consistency of the lightening creams, I’m able to achieve lift and tone at the same time. It’s a great option this time of year when everyone is ready to have a little brightness in their life.

Light and Love,