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Caitlin Madden
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chromastics training manual

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Learn Highlighting Techniques from Tom Dispenza mixing-bowls

Tuesday Tips from Tom:

Tuesday Tip: Color Correction for Natural Light Brown Hair

This woman’s natural hair color is light brown with 60% white. She had been going to a salon where her hair was being highlighted with powder lightener and low lighted with permanent color. We applied 60g of permanent 6N (Dark … Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Everyday Correction

Stephanie had colored her hair at home using what she thought was semi-permanent color. Her hair was naturally light brown but after the “semi” wore away, she was left with a natural light brown regrowth and brassy mid-shaft and ends. … Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Correcting to a beautiful dark blonde

This young woman came into the salon after having her hair lightened, highlighted, lowlighted and toned. I thought she’d look better as a dark blonde, lightest brown. Because of the length and volume of her hair, one large formula was … Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Accent Colors

Forest Green, Lilac, Light Blueberry Hair Color! I was lucky enough to work with Tracey Hughes at the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando earlier this month. What a talent! She wanted accent colors for her models and here are three … Continue reading